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Popular Apps Based on User Reviews

(54 reviews )

Email: Anti-Spam Anti-Virus Anti-Ransomware SpamSentinel ( MayFlower Software )
Running right on your Lotus Domino server, SpamSentinel stops spam, viruses, attachments and Ransomware without purchasing any additional appliances or servers. Expect 99.5% block rate.
MayFlower prides itself on customer service. Call their support line and see for yourself!

Looking for a Hosted solution? Our Hosted SpamSentinel cloud service is available here: Hosted SpamSentinel

Looking for anti-spam running on your Lotus Notes Client? Our Sidebar SpamSentinel is available here: Sidebar SpamSentinel

(17 reviews )

Email: Email Signature Crossware Mail Signature ( Crossware )
Crossware Mail Signature gives you the ability to manage enterprise-wide email signatures ensuring consistency and compliance. Crossware Mail Signature is a server-based application for IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange that automatically adds compliant, personalised and attractive email signatures to all emails.

These signatures may include disclaimers, logos, graphics and advertising banners that can be randomised or specific to certain recipients. Crossware Mail Signature removes the need to configure signatures on each workstation, and requires no design changes to your directory or mail template. You can centrally manage the design of your signature block, including logos, fonts and also include personalised information. Don't just take our word for it... Download a free trial NOW!

See for yourself why Crossware Mail Signature is used by 500,000 people worldwide. Supports Blackberry and Lotus Traveler compatible devices including Android, iPhone and iPad.
Now available for Microsoft Exchange! What is Crossware Mail Signaure?
Watch our video!

(12 reviews )

Productivity: CRM ACT! for Notes ( Vigilus LLC )
Contact management that enables you to access detailed contact and customer information, manage calendars and activities, capture all customer communications, track opportunities through the sales process, and report on overall effectiveness.

(11 reviews )

Email: Archiving SWING PDF Converter ( SWING Software )
Convert Notes documents and emails to PDF for distribution, archiving or Web printing. For Admins: deploy as a Notes toolbar add-on; for Developers: take advantage of the LotusScipt API. SWING PDF Converter doesn't require a client side installation of a printer driver.

(10 reviews )

Productivity: Fax communication Extrafax ( Extracomm )
ExtraFax is a 100% native Lotus Domino faxing solution that integrates seamlessly with Lotus Notes Mail and database applications, enabling users to send and receive faxes, text and multimedia messages directly from their Lotus Notes client. Easy to use and to learn, ExtraFax is an add-on application that was built from the ground up and is the winner of the 2006 Lotus Advisor Communication Award

(10 reviews )

Development: NotesAppStore JustForDomino (formerly NotesAppStore) ( NotesAppStore )
NotesAppStore is a place to find great Lotus Notes Applications, and read actual customer reviews relating to ease of use, quality of the product, as well as the service and support they receive from the vendor. Great Lotus Notes applications. Great vendors. Great reviews. All in one place. Now called JustForDomino

(7 reviews )

Email: Searching FT Search Manager ( IONET Software )
Personal and Domain Notes, Web, iNotes & Web Service searching for Mail, Mail Archives, Notes Applications, File Systems and IBM Quickr.

Now also supporting iPads, iPhones and File System searching!

See how easy you can do site search right on the NotesAppStore site: Search this site

(6 reviews )

Development: Tools for Lotus Notes & Domino scanEZ ( Ytria )
NSF Explorer, Editor and Toolkit for Lotus Notes databases. See (and edit) anything inside your databases—even profiles and deletion stubs—without views or agents. Also includes many specialty tools for common Notes issues like conflicts. Ytria scanEZ offers Lotus Notes developers and Domino administrators faster ways to access data inside in a Notes database; faster ways to edit data; better ways to search through data; and new ways to solve common Notes database problems—all without creating views or coding agents.

(6 reviews )

Email: Archiving Mail Attender ( SherpaSoftware )
Mail Attender is a comprehensive Lotus Notes email management tool that provides central control over email content across your entire enterprise. Archive information, manage archive databases, address compliance requirements, implement retention/deletion polices, search content, enforce quotas and much more.

(6 reviews )

Services & Training: Anti-Spam Anti-Virus Anti-Ransomware Hosted SpamSentinel ( MayFlower Software )
MX Redirect lets you take advantage of our anti-spam, anti-virus and Ransomware protection to block spam, viruses, malware and Ransomware like Cryptolocker with no user quarantines, reports or administrative effort. Hosted cloud service. Expect 99.5% block rate.
MayFlower prides itself on customer service. Call their support line and see for yourself!

Looking for an on-premise solution? SpamSentinel can run right on your IBM Domino server with this version: SpamSentinel

Looking for anti-spam running on your IBM Notes Client? Our Sidebar SpamSentinel is available here: Sidebar SpamSentinel

(5 reviews )

Email: Archiving Archiver for Notes ( IONET Software )
Archiving for Notes Mail, Applications, and IBM Quickr.
Archive your custom applications at the same time as Mail and Quickr, via an automatic, feature-rich and proven archiving solution.
Fully iNotes compatible, simple to manage, and transparent to users.

(5 reviews )

Productivity: Idea Management IdeaJam - Idea and Innovation Management Software ( Elguji Software )
From the lifeblood of a company, its customers; to its most valuable resources, its employees; we help companies learn what matters most. Our IdeaJam software drives innovation by helping companies understand which ideas are worth pursuing and which ones are not, and most importantly why.
The concept is amazingly simple, yet extraordinarily powerful: with IdeaJam, people post their ideas on a topic, and others can vote on their agreement or disagreement with the idea by "promoting" or "demoting" it. Additionally, comments can be provided to elaborate ones thoughts on the matter at hand.

(4 reviews )

Services & Training: Application Development Application Development - Notes/Domino ( Whitsell Consulting )
Can't find what you want off the shelf or need a developer for multiple projects?
We have built well over 1000 custom applications for companies of all industries.
CRM, CMS, Help Desk, Sales Forecasting, Document Management, HR Applications, Time Tracking, Work Order Systems, Approval Workflows, Corporate Intranets... if you can dream it, we can make it happen.
IBM business partner. Company has been in business since 1998.
Locally based in Colorado - serve clients worldwide.
Fast, quality development at competitive rates.

(4 reviews )

Services & Training: Hosting Cloud-based Managed Services ( Prominic.NET )
Prominic.NET is a leading provider of managed hosting services for IBM Lotus messaging, collaboration and social networking solutions (Domino, Quickr, Sametime, Connections) and complementary offerings from RIM (BlackBerry Enterprise Server). Our services range from free blogs and developer sandboxes to high-availability private clouds for large messaging and WebSphere e-commerce and portal deployments. All of our solutions are custom-engineered to meet your specific requirements. Contact our sales team to learn how you can focus on your customers and leave IT to Prominic.

(4 reviews )

Productivity: Web Content Management Launch Pad for Web (LP4W) ( Point Alliance Inc. )
Whether you are looking to rebrand your existing site or build a new one, Launch Pad for Web (LP4W) is the powerhouse solution that you've been looking for. LP4W is a user-friendly, customizable, and scalable web content management solution that you can count on to efficiently create, deploy, and manage your web or intranet sites. And, did we mention that LP4W is fast, reliable, and cost effective.

Ready for IBM Lotus Software

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