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Mail Attender is a comprehensive Lotus Notes email management tool that provides central control over email content across your entire enterprise. Archive information, manage archive databases, address compliance requirements, implement retention/deletion polices, search content, enforce quotas and much more.

Product Reviews

Mail Attender is rated 5 out of 5 based on 6 user reviews.

Average Customer Review: 5.0
 (6 customer reviews)
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View profile for Andy Donaldson Total document management
Andy Donaldson ( n/a )

Speaking as myself and not representing my company, I have to say that Mail Attender really has a fantastic product. I have used it to do our quarterly document retention management as well as using it for archiving and de-duplication of attachments in mail files. It really has taking a lot of manual work out of things and runs without problems nightly. There are so many different levels to this product is hard to go into detail here, but if you take a look at it you will see there is a lot more then just archiving to this product. I personally recommend it.

View profile for Leslie Fraser Very easy Application to use
Leslie Fraser ( Holcim US Inc )

I have been a fan of Mail Attender for ten years now. It was very easy to install and set up. The technical people at Sherpa are always there to assist and listen when you suggest ideas to make the product even better. It is by far the best way to manage Lotus Notes quotas. No maintenance is required on an account when a user brings their file under the quota again. I am the Lotus Notes Admin for my company and this feature alone has saved me so much time. Quotas can be changed on the fly and are immediate. Mail Attender is defintely the product to buy for an add-on to Lotus Notes.

View profile for Chris Cerami Mail Attender Review
Chris Cerami ( Nutramax Laboratories )

The interface is extremely intuitive. Mail Attender has performed exactly the way we expected it to and more. The most importent aspect was support. Sherpa has always responded in prompt manner and provided exemplary support.

View profile for Cesar Zavala Great App
Cesar Zavala ( Burgess Pigment Company )

It works as advertised, it's a product that is easy to install and manage. Their company has been pretty helpful, specially the support before and after we bought the product.

View profile for Richard Armstrong Simple Quick Setup - Major reduction in Mail File Sizes !!
Richard Armstrong ( Alliance Coal, LLC. )

We have been using Mail Attender for several years now and have been happy with its features. It is a reliable software tool that allows us to Archive off Attachments by certain criteria which has made major reductions in our Mail File Sizes.
We liked the product so much that when we heard they offered a Discovery product we knew that this would be a logical move. - Super Fast Install and Configuration - Writes Native NSF Databases - Reliable (Great for shops with low headcount) - Very configurable.

Works as advertised
Dan Mock ( Invacare Corp )

We have been using MailAttender for many years with absolutely zero issues. Support is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would have to put it at the top of the list of best overall products!

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