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SWING Software

Management: David Jakelic

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Convert Notes documents and emails to PDF for distribution, archiving or Web printing. For Admins: deploy as a Notes toolbar add-on; for Developers: take advantage of the LotusScipt API. SWING PDF Converter doesn't require a client side installation of a printer driver.

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SWING PDF Converter is rated 5 out of 5 based on 11 user reviews.

Average Customer Review: 5.0
 (11 customer reviews)
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View profile for Michele Keizer, CIP SWING PDF Converter - The Software That Should Have Been Built Into Notes
Michele Keizer, CIP ( Northbridge Insurance )

If you are a Domino Designer, then you know how frustrating it can be to pull content out of Notes databases programmatically. Just how do you pull all of those multi-part mime pieces together? When faced with the challenge of having to convert tens of thousands of documents for archival purposes, we were THRILLED to find PDF Converter (and no, they are not paying me to say this). This package is awesome in its simplicity... it takes your documents and renders them with their original form, then produces a PDF. Want to convert 10,000 documents at once? No problem... use a view to find the documents you want, select them, and launch the software. The software allows you to define file names using formulae, which means you can easily interface with other corporate databases. In our case, we defined file names that contained the unique key values, created by, created on, etc. We then created an import of our legacy system to import these files and all of the information it needed was contained in the file name. The documents are now stored safely in PDF format for compliance with regulatory bodies. Throughout our investigation, I found SWING's staff to be very helpful and accomodating. There aren't many products that deliver exactly what is expected, and this one does... and for very little money! If you need to pull content out of your Notes databases, it is absolutely worth taking a look.

Legal data discovery request from customer
John Albery ( Albery Consulting LLC )

I had a customer with a specific data discovery requirement from Lotus Notes email databases. I was able to take the search results desired and very easily deliver them in PDF form due to your excellent product. Rarely have I seen a tool so easily implemented and used. It was exactly what I needed. Kudos to Swing Software.

Retire Notes Applications with PDF Converter
Michael Patterson ( Arizona Chemical Company, LLC )

Even though we are moving to a different platform there was a lot of reluctance to let go of our existing Notes applications. With PDF Converter we were able to provide folders containing .pdf renderings of our Notes documents, and all of the embedded links could be opened directly from within the document. Providing this service to our user community has enabled us to move much more quickly in our retirement of Notes. The product is very flexible and easy to use. The tech support team (when needed) is quick to respond and generally spot on with their solutions.

View profile for Michael Jacquorie, Dr. By far the best application on the market
Michael Jacquorie, Dr. ( Schott )

We benchmarked this application to others out there in the market and the SwingConverter software is by far the best solution. Especially the variety of naming conventions and the reliabilty of the technical support are unique selling points for this software. Great app!

View profile for Karen Cervant Cookson Love this application
Karen Cervant Cookson ( HUDOIG )

The Swing PDF Converter software has made it possible for us to provide Lotus Notes documents to those outside of our organization who do not have the Lotus Notes software. The best feature of the PDF Converter is that it takes the attachments to Lotus Notes documents and adds them to the bottom of the page, so users can open the attachments using the respective programs, i.e., Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc. It's easy to use and user's love it because it's easier for them to access and print the data.

Notes to Sharepoint with SWING PDF Converter
Ronald Sorrell ( Jack in the Box )

We are using SWING PDF Converter along with DocKit to migrate Notes databases to SharePoint. Very quick and easy. Create an export view with the applicable data and it creates the PDF(s) while keeping the attachments intact. Allows you to use existing field data to name the PDF's. We searched a long time and this is the best, easiest and most cost effective tool to migrate Notes data. Wonderful product I would definitely recommend!

View profile for Stephen Swales Easy Lotus mail backup to pdf
Stephen Swales ( USS )

I have tried the demo for 2 weeks and I can't believe how easy it is to install and use, and how much time this saves. My company switched over from Outlook to Lotus about 2 years ago and ever since, I've had problems saving and organizing emails. We use a Domino server at head office which stores all emails and attachments. Our mail boxes are limited to 500mb storage and local backup and archiving is disabled. To save important emails, information or attachments, cut & paste into word documents is required. This is okay but very time consuming. It also does not provide a duplicate of the original email. The swing PDF converter installed into the Lotus toolbar and with the click of the icon, the current email is saved into a pdf. It also saves and allows access to attachments within the pdf document and save multiple emails into a single document which is handy for projects. Thanks Swing Software for a product well done. Swing PDF Converter will be a must-have for anyone working in a Lotus environment. Steve

Keep your Lotus documents intact with SWING PDF Converter
Molley Burgo ( AEP )

Have you ever had a Lotus Notes document that you would like to store or send outside of Lotus Notes, but can't figure out how to make sure the document stays intact? Like with attachments, embedded images, rich text (colors, fonts, etc), and layout of the form? Well, SWING PDF Converter can do that for you! It will basically "take a picture of the document" and store it as a PDF file outside of Lotus Notes! There's nothing to install or have the admins set up on the server -- just make sure all of the SWING design elements are included in your database, and have at it! This has been especially refreshing for me, since I'm currently working on 2 separate projects (among others) that each want to pull data from Lotus Notes, but want to do it in different ways. One of the projects wants to make sure to keep the format of the form, and all rich text elements intact, and they are thrilled with the PDF concept. The other would rather export the individual pieces of data, attachments, embedded images, etc, into a different db structure, and it's been a nightmare! It didn't take too much time to figure out how to work with the Converter, since my team needed it to do a few more things than just shoot out PDF files. I've been testing and "working with the software" for a few months now, and it seems like it could be a "lifesaver" for people who need to get documents out of Lotus Notes and keep them intact! That is, if they are ok with PDF files. For the most part, there's some documentation about how to work with it - that may be a small, picky area of improvement. Maybe just a bit more documentation. Also, from what I've seen so far, the software expects there to be an "Alternate Form" that it will use to model the converted PDF file. That makes it a little bit less dynamic, if multiple dbs or multiple docs with different forms are to be converted, but I plan to see if I can do something about that on my end. :} SWING PDF Converter is still "working out some kinks," but the support team was amazingly quick and pleasant to work with if I ever had questions or concerns. I would definitely recommend this solution to anyone looking for a good way to get intact docs out of Lotus Notes!

View profile for Joe Szyszka Swing PDF Converter
Joe Szyszka ( KTL Data Automation )

This is a strange product because it does exaclty what it says it will do and using it and programming to it are simple. I had a magor problem with legacy data that need to be searchable outside of notes. This product saved me many hours trying to program pdf creation and the ease of pragramability of the product allowed me to easily automate the entire process. It is rare that I am so happy with a add-on product and I would highly recomend it

PDF Converter
Magnus Svensson ( DIAB AB )

A very good program that help you organize your mail history.

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