Dave Olson
MN Society of CPAs

Canned Reply better than Notes Stationary

Canned Reply makes it really convenient to centralize your commonly used replies and responses to email. It's really easy to use and that's important if you don't use it that often.

It's great for a form or other requested info you wish to send internally or externally with a couple of clicks. It can even fill in the subject line for you. In I.T. you can quickly have common questions answered very quickly with list of canned answers ready to go.

In our membership dept, we have many common replies to questions recorded and ready to go. It provides the consistency needed if others in the office have to fill in for someone on vacation.

You can also keep certain canned replies private so only you have access. This was the only option with Notes built in Stationary. You couldn't share your stationary with a group of other users and Canned Reply solves that nicely.

I've been using it for many months now and it works with Notes 9. It was really easy to install and the only issue I remember having with it is picking up the license, but that was rectified very quickly by Mayflower support.