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Lotus Notes and Domino get better with every new app.

Applications for Lotus Notes and Domino are like nothing you've ever seen on a desktop. Explore some of our favorite apps here and see how they allow Lotus Notes to do even more.

About JustForDomino

JustForDomino.com is a volunteer project started by Frank Paolino to create an easy to use (hopefully!) directory of Lotus Notes Apps. We are attempting to list all the companies and at least one product or service from each company. Please click here to recommend a product or service.

Why You Need to be Listed on JustForDomino.com

Frank Paolino
Founder, JustForDomino
CEO MayFlower Software
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To contact Frank, use his regular email address, frank@maysoft.com


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Frank Paolino

The fine print: I review each app or service before publishing. The decision of which apps to post rests with me, and is based on the value and relevance to the Lotus Notes and Domino user community.

I do not charge any money for your listing, which will send traffic to your website. However, your are reuired to put a link to JustForDomino.com from your website, pointing to the main page or your product page.

Here is a badge for the product page of the website:

If your product is reviewed, you can use this link:

Legalese: We are not responsible for any mistakes in the information submitted or published, and will make our best effort to correct any mistakes as we become aware of them. All of the information for this site is in the public domain.

The use of the name Lotus Notes and Domino refers to the fact that these apps "Run with Notes" and is not an endorsement by IBM Corporation.

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