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MayFlower Software

Management: Frank Paolino

Blog: All Things Email

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MX Redirect lets you take advantage of our anti-spam, anti-virus and Ransomware protection to block spam, viruses, malware and Ransomware like Cryptolocker with no user quarantines, reports or administrative effort. Hosted cloud service. Expect 99.5% block rate.
MayFlower prides itself on customer service. Call their support line and see for yourself!

Looking for an on-premise solution? SpamSentinel can run right on your IBM Domino server with this version: SpamSentinel

Looking for anti-spam running on your IBM Notes Client? Our Sidebar SpamSentinel is available here: Sidebar SpamSentinel

Product Reviews

Hosted SpamSentinel is rated 5 out of 5 based on 6 user reviews.

Average Customer Review: 5.0
(6 customer reviews)
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Service that Sells Itself
Eddie Hernandez ( Schiller America )

You can buy a good product anywhere, but it is the Service that keeps you coming back. This is true of any company and it is particularly true of Mayflower Software. Going on five years, SpamSentinel has been our first choice, not only because it blocks nearly all Spam and viruses, but also because the team behind development and support of this product are outstanding. This is service that sells itself!

Spam Sentinel product and service
Larry Vine ( Reaction Distributing Inc. )

Approximately 18 months ago we realized that we needed help with respect to the amount of spam that was being received on our Lotus Notes server. It had reached the breaking point. After being referred to Mayflower Software by an associate we were given a free trial period in which we could evaluate their overall effectiveness. Our spam dropped to "zero" withing 24 hours and has remained that way ever since. Once the trial had expired I immediately signed up with them and am now into my second contract period. In addition to the elimination of the spam we have found their staff to be extremely helpful and at all times very professional. We recently had our Lotus Notes server go off line for almost 2 weeks. Within 1 hour of our call to Mayflower (on a Sunday no less) all of our emails were temporarily diverted to one of our back-up hotmail accounts. I would recommend the Mayflower company to anyone and everyone who uses email.

SpamSentinel for Domino 8.5, Mac and PC environment
Carol O'Sullivan ( Quiller and Blake )

I've been using SpamSentinel for 5 years (we're an Advertising Agency) with a mix environment of PC and Macs. The product works great, and Mayflower's customer service and technical support the best you'll find anywhere. We use the Anti virus option and we signed-up for the failover should our internet, server or power go down our mail is redirected to the Maysoft server and held there until we are back up again. This means no mail bouncing back to clients. I can't be happier with a service or product. The price makes this a great deal and I recommend this product to everyone.

Satisfied Customer
Jackie Vollmer ( Graham Corporation )

We've used the product for 5 years now and as of last April we migrated to the hosted solution. With the help of Mayflower's technical support staff, the switch over happened seamlessly and effortlessly. My users love this product and it has greatly reduced my admin time managing "junk" emails. We have tried other spam solutions and find this product to be superior by far and you can't beat their excellent customer service and support.

Spam sentinel in international business environment
Andre Verhertbrugge ( REM-B Hydraulics & Morssinkhof Hydraulics )

Using SpamSentinel for about 3 years it is the best solution we have been using so far. The only minus is that mails containing virus or links to infected sites is not yet 100% secure. But who is.We found that Symantec does also not has a 100% acuuracy. So compairing SpamSentinel to other big boys I can only rate this service for being 100% effective.

We now send eMail for over 70 of our domains through their 'hosted service'
Dave Bailey ( Imerys )

We've just passed the 6 year anniversary with this vendor with no regrets that we selected this AntiSpam solution. The product is great, and Mayflower's customer service and technical support is even greater. For the first 5 years we hosted this on our own servers and as of April 2010, we now send eMail for over 70 of our domains through their 'hosted service'. They filter out what we would have deleted anyway, and it's lightened the load on our servers, and reduced the bandwidth required for inbound SMTP. An excellent feature to flatten our the inbound mail which was growing geometrically!

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