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SpamSentinel Sidebar Client for Lotus Notes
The best way to stop Spam for IBM Notes mail users

We took our fantastic IBM Domino SpamSentinel and fit it into the IBM Notes sidebar!

It is easy to install (2 minute install). SpamSentinel uses a web service listing all known spam, so you do not have to enter email address and domains.

The workstation version requires no administrator support. It installs in minutes for your Notes client, and begins blocking spam immediately.

Additionally, SpamSentinel Client lets you identify Newsletters and Junk without any rules, just by telling it that this sender is a Newsletter. Then, even if it is not spam, it will always go directly to your Newsletter folder.

Runs on all Notes 8.5 and 9.0 clients, including Macs, Linux and Windows!

Looking for an on-premise solution? SpamSentinel can run right on your IBM Domino server with this version: SpamSentinel

Looking for a Hosted solution? Our Hosted SpamSentinel cloud service is available here: Hosted SpamSentinel

Product Reviews

SpamSentinel Sidebar Client is rated 5 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.

Average Customer Review: 5.0
(2 customer reviews)
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Notes spam pretty much gone
Keith Hermiz ( IBM )

I work for IBM and am one of a growing number of employees who have chosen to BYOD - "bring your own device" -- as my computing platform. My BYOD is a Mac but I needed to continue to use Lotus Notes as my business email client. Quite a bit of spam bleeds through our corporate filters so I wanted to address this and get closer to "Mac nirvana." My search led me to SpamSentinel Client. Wow. It integrates seamlessly as a widget as has worked day-1 with no muss or fuss. It uses a straightforward approach, leveraging a database of spam sources to ID unwanted email. It has overrides that let you declare emails as spam, not spam or "always file to." A sidebar window lets you see its decision making -- very comforting as you get started with the tool. Right now its quite nearly 100% doing what I would want for me. No more trying to pick out the legitimate emails from a sea of spam or, worse yet, risking deletion of legitimate email during the spam purges. Mac nirvana? One step closer ...

Spam Sentinel does a good job blocking spam
Nasir Billoo ( Kaba Workforce Solutions )

Spam Sentinel does a good job blocking spam in Lotus Notes. It has been very reliable at blocking spam several categories of spam for us. The support from the company is excellent, they were very helpful in answering all my questions.

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